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This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking all the boys who play soccer in our house to their soccer games.

This is usually Adam job, but he was out of town for a conference.

Sam and Aaron’s team is notoriously bad. I don’t think they have won a game yet.Version 2

It doesn’t help that most games Aaron becomes so frustrated that he decides to start crying and screaming about it, leave the field and head to a nearby tree to kick or pull leaves off of violently.DSC_0141 DSC_0142

The twins team only has 6 members, so when one of the six is this erratic, it’s quite a load for the other players.

This week however, he was perfect. He managed to keep his frustrations in check. I was very proud of him, as I saw how hard that was for him. I noticed that when he actually plays he is great. He has the right level of aggression to get in there and actually steal the ball. Sam, who has the best attitude, is a real team player, is too consciousness to steal balls. What makes him the perfect student, son and friend is actually a downfall for soccer.DSC_0146

The entire time I kept thinking, maybe if we practice enough, having 2 boys on the same team could be a real weapon.

On the sidelines with their older brothers.

On the sidelines with their older brothers.

Perhaps in time my evil plan will come to fruition.

After a romp on the nearby playground, we all went to Jack’s game.

Jack and his fan club.

Jack and his fan club.

Jack has been playing long enough that it’s a real game. Some of the kids have really fancy moves.DSC_0192 DSC_0212

Jack is at his best on defense. He is a really disruptive player.

It was a fun morning out, so nice to see all the kids out playing together outdoors, sans electronics.

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