Aaron’s First Lost tooth

Yesterday Aaron lost his very first tooth. At lunch time at school.IMG_8095

Thanks to his lucky position in the family hierarchy, this was cause for considerable excitement and absolutely no fear. He’d been watching his brother’s collect the spoils from the tooth fairy for years.

Sam realized he will be next and in his usual cautious, thoughtful nature asked Aaron if he still felt the tooth now that it was in the little box.

For Aaron’s induction into tooth fairy hunts, a bunch of big, scary toys that he likes to play with offered him clues.DSC_0993 DSC_0994 DSC_0995 DSC_1002

I was really worried Aaron’s first tooth fairy hunt would be ruined by his older excited, hyper brothers trying to “help” him. (Really what happens is they figure out the clues first then take over the entire hunt.)

Luckily, Jack was distracted, binge watching teeny bop shows on Netflix and Ben was still asleep (he refused to go to bed until 10pm, kept leaving his bed, and almost figured out who the real tooth fairy is!).

At first Aaron got to hunt all by himself.


Soon Sam joined, but was very amicable about letting Aaron find the next clues for himself.DSC_1010

Aaron was very happy to receive his 10 single bills from this Yeti, which he crumpled and stuffed into his pockets with relish. I’m sure I’ll inadvertently wash them later.

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