Super Powers

“Batman’s superpower is that he can fly.” Said Sam one morning on the way to school.

“Really? I thought he couldn’t fly. That everything was man made. I’m pretty sure the only super power Batman has is that he’s super rich.” I replied.

Then we went onto discuss which super heros have which powers.

Finally I asked, “If you could have any super power, what would it be Sam?”

“Super strong.” He answered without much deliberation.

“Aaron?” I turned around and asked my plodding son.

“To Fly.” He replied. Then later he said, “No, to Smash, like the Hulk.”

“Well, I think Aaron’s super power is that he’s super tough. He was super tough when he got bit by another student yesterday.” I said.

“And Sam, I think your super power is that your super cute. Irresistible!” I said.

“NOoooooo!” Sam said back.

But then we got to school, and into the morning line up…IMG_8078

“See,” I whispered in Sam’s ear as he was walking into school, “I told you, you are super cute!”

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