Aaron’s Milestone & Cummings Park

Even though it’s the middle of the summer and there is this thing called global warming, today’s high was only 72°. Too cold for any water activities!

So, we packed everyone up and headed to the Zoo.


Black Bear

We stopped at the Pritzker Family section first to show Adam the new, natural playground they put up there.



Then we headed into the climbing structure. Normally Aaron is too scared to climb it. Most of the time he will take his shoes off, climb one or two rungs then freak out and come back.

Today he turned to me and said, “I think I can climb it today.”

Then, without any hesitation (but with a very supportive older brother) Aaron climbed through to the highest levels SEVEN times.DSC_0680IMG_7250

Later that night, during dinner, we asked him how he conquered his fear. He replied, “I’m 5 now. So I can climb it”. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll tell him when he is 6 he can get tagged in a game without crying.

We didn’t spend much time there because soon it was lunch. We took our picnic out in front of the zoo, by the huge garden maintained by the Lincoln Park ConservatoryDSC_0682

And there, within view, was the newly redone Cummings PlaygroundDSC_0703

DSC_0692 DSC_0699 DSC_0706 DSC_0708 DSC_0714 IMG_7253 IMG_7258Another great new space for the kids. I love how some of the new structures in the renovated parks with are good for older kids as well. They help to keep Jack more interested in these outings for longer.

But Jack has such a good attitude about these things, he always finds a way to fit in. We spent a lot of time giving the kids “challenges” to complete and when they were too easy for Jack, he started to give them out himself…

Jack challenges the others to go down the slide head first!

Jack challenges the others to go down the slide head first!

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