Los Angeles

Last week, on our way to Hawaii, we stopped in Los Angeles for three days to visit the cousins.DSC_0066

One of the nicest things about seeing the cousins on the Calisoff side is that they are similar in age.

The first night we arrived they had a spread ready for us for dinner.DSC_0068

After the kids ate, Joy made cupcakes and we celebrated Adam and Ben’s birthdays.DSC_0080

Then the kids played. I never realized how great having an outdoor space for kids to play creatively is until that evening.

Both of our Los Angeles cousins were great hosts, chasing the twins around and letting us use all their toys.

DSC_0082 DSC_0084 DSC_0089 DSC_0099

Ben fell in love with Sadie, their dog. DSC_0075DSC_0102

The next day we woke up and hiked Runyon Canyon Park. We were on a mission to see the Hollywood sign.DSC_0130 DSC_0116

And we did!DSC_0132

After that hot excursion, we took a break at the pool. We booked an AirBNB that had a pool and jacuzzi like a hotel. We used it every day.DSC_0163

Some of the cousins joined us.DSC_0152

The next day we hit Griffith Park. Joy knew of a delightful walk there called FernDell. DSC_0199

It was mostly shaded and had lots of great things to look at, like crayfish and frogs.DSC_0216 DSC_0228

At the end of the walk was a playground perfect for tag…DSC_0235

…a rock gully to run through…DSC_0239

…and a yummy little restaurant called ‘Trails’. DSC_0246

Everyone else thought so too!

The next evening we headed to my favorite restaurants from my days in Asia, Ding Tai Fong. My friend Tom first took me to the one in Taipei.DSC_0175 Their Xiao Long Bao is the best I’ve ever tasted, though this visit I think I only got 2!IMG_6829

Jack ate about 15, Aaron ate 6!

Right down the street, the other cousin was in a baseball tournament. DSC_0179

We stopped by but unfortunately missed the game. We didn’t miss out on playing in the nearby park, though.DSC_0187

We also took one of the suggestions from our cousins for an ice cream place, Salt and Straw. IMG_6836

It was another popular LA destination! Luckily we beat the crowd. Or maybe we created it?IMG_6839

The last day we visited the La Brea Tar Pits.


It was a truly fascinating and unique experience.DSC_0286 DSC_0291

They have discovered tons of dinosaurs bones here. Wooly Mammoths, sloths, Dire Wolves and more! In fact they are still excavating! In the museum they show how they painstakingly separate and clean each specimen.IMG_6847

Outside they show tar pits that are being dug up now.IMG_6849 (1)

After the tar pits we headed back to the cousins for more backyard fun and food.IMG_6852 IMG_6859 IMG_6872 IMG_6883

We were very sad to leave, and even sadder that we live so far apart. Until next time, cousins!IMG_1359

Next stop, Hawaii…

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