Jack’s Summer Starts

We wasted no time getting Jack’s summer underway.

The day after school ended we packed the car with a picnic, picked up a few extra kids, and headed out to the Morton Arboretum.

The boys spent many hours running around full speed. First at the natural playground playing tag, then running the loop around the rope bridge and back over and over and over again.IMG_6770

They also ran around for a while inside the maze. Getting lost and playing some game where you have to find each other.IMG_6739

And running to see the Origami exhibit. IMG_6799

There was other random boys play. Stuff that, growing up in an all girls family, is completely foreign to me…IMG_6808

It was a super fun day and I thought when I brought them back to my house for a hour they would quietly trade pokeman cards but Ben arrived home from school and got them into a game of ‘Monster’ and they were up and running again for another hour.

The vision I had of what it would be like to be a mom is quite different from the reality I live today. But seeing the absolute joy on their faces when you take them somewhere that they can run, play, and laugh is one of those times where fantasy meets reality.

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