Adam’s 48th Birthday

After such an eventful Father’s Day, Adam’s birthday came a short two days later.

Unlike father’s day, which landed on a Sunday, this birthday was Tuesday. There was work and school, so unfortunately for Adam there was less time to celebrate.

We started the morning better than father’s day. Adam actually got to sleep in.

Then we opened presents and cards.DSC_0058

Here they are laughing about the card they gave him. It had a joke about butts, which still seems to be the joke of choice around here. Every day. All. Day. Long.

Adam got new clothes from us. He is the kind of person that would spend money on everyone in the family but himself, so he is easy to shop for.

Both my and his family showered him with more gift cards and money.

Later that evening our lovely sitter came by and Adam and I went out for a drink, some food and a movie – Wonder Woman. (You see, in typical form, we went to see the movie I wanted to see on his birthday!!!)

Happy 48th Adam! May all your birthday wishes come true!

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