Father’s Day 2017

I wish I could report on a delightful day filled with fun and loving acts from our kids to their father, but instead dear readers, I’m going to report the truth. No ‘fake booking’ today.

Adam planned a super day, mostly centered around what would make the kids most happy.

First Adam woke up to Ben screaming at the top of his lungs at 5:58 in the morning on the stairwell.

So much for Adam’s Father’s Day lay in. Or anyone else in the houses for that matter.

So, we opened presents instead.DSC_0995

The boys made/bought cards and we framed these three photos in one frame for him.DSC_0906 DSC_0869 DSC_0857

Yes, it’s that embarrassing 70s photo. The one where your mom makes you all wear the same shirt and take pictures. I figure they can have a laugh together over this photo montage when I’m long gone.

Next we headed out to the suburbs for breakfast at Walker Brother’s Pancake House.

Jack sweetly lets Sam win tic-tac-toe

Jack sweetly lets Sam win tic-tac-toe


The kids fought most of breakfast. Ben complained Aaron was kicking him. At one point Ben was under the table, extremely upset that he didn’t get a red crayon. Then he was upset he didn’t get to order the adult size pancakes.

Next we headed over to Deerfield’s Bakery so Ben could pick out his cake for his birthday.

Topper for Ben's cake

Topper for Ben’s cake

Adam very nicely treated them to a box of butter cookies. In return, the kids were so unruly, running around the bakery – in stark contrast from every other kid in the place. We got so many dirty looks we finally made them wait in the car while Adam finished the order.

Then we headed to the Chicago Botanical Gardens so our rambunctious boys could burn some of their apparent pent up energy.DSC_0007

We decided we would ask them to take a ‘smallest to tallest’ picture. It is Adam’s hope to do this every time one of the kids grow bigger than me until I’m the last one in the line up. The first one was a failed attempt with Sam fighting Aaron for position and Ben on the floor crying.

Here is how the second attempt went…DSC_0002

Adam bought them tickets to see the model trains. It was Aaron’s pick (Adam let them all pick a place to visit in the gardens). Aaron cried and whined when it wasn’t open yet and he didn’t get to go first.

DSC_0054I wanted them all to see the Hollywood sign because this summer we are planning a visit to LA to see the cousins.DSC_0055

Only three out of four. Ben was on the other side of the pond having a breakdown. Adam was holding him tight while he wailed, kicked and screamed. More parents gawked and we got more dirty looks.

Then over to the maze. It was Jack’s pick. Adam had them run laps. He requested they do it together and not compete. For once just do something as a group! Don’t compete and make each other cry all the time!

Jack isn’t running because he couldn’t stop from running ahead and making the others cry, so he was told to sit out.DSC_0029

Good day so far, eh?

Next Adam took the boys to see Cars 3. It was a super cute movie with great life lessons that went over all the kids heads. I know this because we asked them about it later.IMG_6696

Aaron cried through most of the previews, unable to wait patiently for the movie to start. Then when the projection stopped unexpectedly Ben almost had a fit on the floor.

Finally we went home. Aaron continued to misbehave and at one point he said he wanted new parents. Ouch.

Adam got his haircut, then took Jack to the park to throw the ball around.

I felt pretty bad for Adam that the kids were so poorly behaved. Even sadder that it was kind of like a normal day and perhaps we, as parents, were stupid for mistakenly hoping that things could be different for even one day.

Perhaps next year Adam will just take the time for himself like I’ve learn to do! Or maybe this documentation will make next year’s father’s day better by comparison.

Happy? Father’s Day, Adam.

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