The Rest of Ben’s Week Off

We finished off Ben’s week off with some activity every day.

I’m not sure if it’s the time outside, exhausting him every day, or some other of the myriad of things we are trying on him right now, like a medical grade probiotic and a daily dose of broccoli sprouts (based on the article my sister sent me), but for the first time about 6 months, Ben has slept through the night without waking us up for 4 days in a row. Let’s pray it continues.

As for the tiring activities, we did many things, most requested by Ben.

Like feeding the ducks.IMG_6645

Later that day we went to the waterpark nearby.IMG_6659

Or crashing Jack’s field trip to the zoo.DSC_0971

DSC_0964We also checked out the new Pritzker natural playground at the zoo.DSC_0961 DSC_0959 DSC_0968

And treated ourselves to cotton candy!DSC_0973

Thursday Ben went to lunch at Adam’s office. Later we checked out Adam’s park, the waterpark was finally open for the summer.

Chasing our sitter, Camila, around the park.

Chasing our sitter, Camila, around the park.


Friday we didn’t have the car so we walked all the way to Jack’s school.

In fact, most days Ben picked Jack up after school and sometimes we played for a bit in the playground after afterschool.IMG_6681

I think he had a good week. Each day we settled into each other more and each day it gelled a bit better.

Ben is back to school on Monday. Jack’s last day of school is Tuesday…

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