Last night of Hanukkah

Well, turns out those bears had an agenda after all.

dsc_0654All of their hints for warmer weather were realized today when we revealed to the kids that we were taking them to Florida for a few days.

Bears bearing airline tickets to Florida for the boys.

Bears bearing airline tickets to Florida for the boys.

“Wait, but are we still getting a Hanukkah present tonight?” asked Ben, unsure of whether or not he was getting a good deal.

“If I miss school, does it mean I have to make up the work?” asked Jack.

Wow, contain your enthusiasm people!

At least Aaron came through for us, he jumped up and down with joy, excited that we were going to see his grandparents and stay in a hotel.

Otherwise we continued the sleep over party today.

Last night Ben complained about all his girl friend’s hair in his face in bed and this morning she complained that he snored. Ha!

This afternoon we went to the park. We had to get the Gator out. Again. dsc_0659

Maybe we should have gifted it to them in the summer?

And we had to check out the new Jeni’s Ice Cream & Waffles that opened down the block.dsc_0686

And we had to share a bubble bath with our friends.dsc_0690

And now we can kiss Hanukkah goodbye for another year. It’s on to the next thing.

Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night!

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