Capture the Flag

I think the normal thing to do after an exhausting 8 night of Hanukkah is to rest easy for a few days, right?

But not us. We are the Calisoffs.

Instead of a quiet day playing collectively with our 32+ new toys, we decided to invite 5 of Jack’s buddies over to play his new Capture the Flag game.

It’s a glow in the dark game, so you play at night.

We started the game three against three.

Here is the very enthusiastic green team.dsc_0693

And the less enthusiastic blue team.dsc_0696

I quickly learned why green was so much more enthusiastic than blue when Jack captured the first three flags in like 10 minutes.

So we had to switch up the groups again and again until they were evenly matched.

Then Adam jumped in and we added another kid.dsc_0718

He was quickly put in jail.dsc_0713

Jail, a good place to rest.

Jail, a good place to rest.

While this is all happening, we also had this circus clown car driving in the periphery.dsc_0717

Finally we headed back home for pizza.dsc_0731

And dessert.dsc_0733

I thought after 2 hours of running the boys would be tired but no, they weren’t even close.

They spent the next two hours playing tag with a ballon and pool noodles up and down our two floors, using the back stairwell as a second set of stairs. With the extra stairs you could never quite tell who was up and who was down.dsc_0738

dsc_0742Maybe after all this running Adam and I will finally have a night where one of the four kids (mostly Ben) doesn’t come and wake us up in the middle of the night!

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