Zoom Room

This week I renewed my membership at the Chicago Children’s Museum.

I couldn’t resist after I heard they had a new Zoom Room.

IMG_4692 IMG_4694

It was a really cool room. We got there right when it opened to the members only and stayed until it got too crowded for Ben.

In fact the entire museum, as well as all of Navy Pier, was pretty crowded. I was worried how Ben would handle this, along with the fact that some of the room are too young for some of my kids and too old for others.

But it worked out with the help of our sitter, Camila. IMG_4700

We also did a lot of things that were guaranteed not to over crowd, like the “Petite Chef” room where they teach you to cook and let you eat the food afterwards.IMG_4715

We made hummus boats and everyone traded what they didn’t like with the other kids for a healthy morning snack.IMG_4720

We also got tickets to the Art Studio, where we created our own stuffed animals. IMG_4742 IMG_4747

Besides limited seating events, we kept to the less crowded areas, like the main floor upstairs. IMG_4728

Or the Skyline exhibit.IMG_4725

And spent a surprisingly long amount of time in the toy store!IMG_4735

Afterwards I asked the front desk if they always booked this many groups (there were 5 today) and she said they could add me to an email that lists how many groups would be there each day so I could plan accordingly. Thought I’d share that tip in case any of you readers have the same concerns as me…

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