Father’s Day 2016

This father’s day marks a once in a lifetime moment for Adam. He is at the halfway point, halfway between the time when his first child was born and when this family unit will break apart and Jack moves away for college. (I’m assuming even if he goes to school somewhere in the area, he will want to ditch us to live on his own!)

First thing in the morning we gave him his presents. Besides the cards, I ordered this gift from Custom Gifts by Anna Brown. They are all pictures taken in the past year.image1

Jack made him these two gifts at school, a rock that says ‘My Dad Rocks’ and a list of 5 things he loves about him. It was so sweet that he liked having him as his soccer coach. I’m pretty sure I would find that embarrassing as a kid.DSC_0551DSC_0550

After that we went about trying to fulfill all of Adam’s Father Day wishes. Here they were:

Breakfast at Walker Brothers in Highland Park. We were lucky to have his mother and husband up from Arizona to help celebrate with us.DSC_0555

A stop at Deerfield Bakery to order Ben’s birthday cake. Bubbie and Bill treated the kids to a cookie while were were there. I was shocked Aaron could still scarf it down after just finishing all his chocolate chip pancakes and two pieces of bacon!DSC_0556DSC_0559

Then over to downtown Glencoe for a romp in Friends Park.DSC_0563DSC_0566

It was super cute and different enough to make it a special event for the kids. They especially liked the scavenger hunt on one of the play structures.

Next we headed over to Northbrook to see Finding Dory.IMG_4186

Great movie, just as good as the original if not better.

Finally we headed home for some down time. Adam got in a little reading and a nap while I bathed the kids and got dinner going.

At dinner, we celebrated Adam’s birthday a little early (it’s tomorrow) with a request he had for one of his favorite childhood desserts, Haagen Daz Vanilla Ice Cream with berries.DSC_0574

After Dinner Snuggles

After Dinner Snuggles

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