The Big Move Reveal

So besides my closet we are changing up just about every bedroom in this house.

After many run ins, we realized it was time for Jack and Ben to get divorced.

It’s time for Jack to have a bit more space and privacy. I think Ben will like it better too, once he adjusts. Plus Adam made a huge effort to make his room really cool.

It was a catalyst for a month long reorganization bonanza.

And in the end it made us realize just how bad we had let things get. We keep saying we don’t have enough space but the truth is we have plenty of unused space! We just never clean, pair down and reorganize. For years Adam would ask me for nail clippers and I could never find any. After this clean up we 12 pairs.

Adam and I moved to the basement spare bedroom. Jack took over our bedroom. Ben moved into the twins room. And the twins moved into Jack and Ben’s old room.

DSC_0366You got all that?

After emptying our closet, we filled it with Jack stuff.

Our closet was crammed with so much crap, half the clothes and shoes I hadn’t worn in years, all shoved together in a messy ball on shelves. Great tops lost for years behind these wads of clothes all because I never bothered to spend the time thinning and merchandising it.

Jack, by contrast, could barely fill a quarter of the closet.

It was a lesson in the joy of simplicity. How wonderful to have so much space to see and find your clothes easily! Jack saw it differently. He looked the new closet and suggested we buy him some new clothes. Ha!

We bought him a new desk so he could start doing his homework in his room. It’s almost impossible most evenings to help both the older boys with their homework, cook dinner and tend to the twins all at the same time.

A quiet place to work will be a godsend. The homework is getting harder and requires more concentration. He really needs this.

Jack's Bedroom Before

Jack’s Bedroom Before (Our old room)

Jack's Bedroom After

Jack’s Bedroom After

Jack's Bedroom Before

Jack’s Bedroom Before

Jack's Bedroom After

Jack’s Bedroom After

The desk comes with remote and led lights that light up different colors and flash.

Next Ben took over the twins room.

Ben's Room Before

Ben’s Room Before

Ben's Room After

Ben’s Room After

Ben got a loft bed with desk underneath. He also got the same led remote controlled lights. We also used the castle tent that was wasting away in a closet for an enclosed sitting area. Inside is a big bean bag.

We put the cribs by the alley since it’s really hard to donate them. I put an ad on Craigslist with their location and pictures. They were gone in a few hours.

The other side of Ben’s room has a bookshelf and shelves for toys.

Ben's Closet Before

Ben’s Closet Before

Ben's Closet After

Ben’s Closet After










Finally the twins moved over to Jack and Ben’s room. It has all the same furniture but is much bigger than their old room. Instead of cribs they will have full beds to sleep in.

Twins New Room

Twins New Room


Our New Bedroom

Adam and I made up our room just like our room upstairs, surprisingly the space is bigger, and quieter. And as a bonus, this morning Jack and Ben woke up and hung out together in Jack’s room instead of waking us up!

And the metamorphosis continues, this week we tackle the books. Six boxes of adult books are waiting for pick up by Pilsen Community Books. Now it’s time to tackle the kids books. All extra books will be donated to Jack’s public school.

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