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We are changing things up in the house, moving around to keep up with the kids changing needs. Tomorrow I’ll post pictures of the full move, but for today I just want to talk about my closet. Surprisingly it was much more than just sorting, it was a visceral experience that made me really think about where I am in life and the kind of person I want to be.

In order to move around and make more room for the kids, Adam and I are moving to the basement spare bedroom.

It’s perfect except for it’s small closet. I suggested we put up a few racks into the old storage unit but as usual Adam had a bigger, better plan.

During construction

During construction

I wish I would have taken more pictures, because the storage unit started out packed to the gills with stuff. Adam spent two solid weeks cleaning it. Donating old things that have been collecting dust for years and throwing out/shredding years of old paperwork we didn’t need. I think he found stuff old bills from 1985 in there!

The shear mass of junk was astounding.

And it didn’t end there. After the closet was finished, I culled through 10 years of stuff before switching my closets.

I have to say, it was quite an emotional rollercoaster to clean out my closet. Keepsake clothes and jewelry that ex-boyfriends gave me were confidently donated. When I put my closet together 10 years ago, I still clung to their memories. They still felt so much a part of me. Now those times in my life seem like a distance speck in the horizon. And I can leave them there confidently, happy to let them fade without any physical reminders.

I also found a bunch of old clothes from my days in Asia. Suits I worked in, and great pants I used to party in.

It was pure elation.

Followed immediately by pure depression.

I couldn’t fit almost anything over my hips, spread from childbirth.  But if anything made it past there, my jiggly belly, pock-marked with stretch marks was to big to fasten around.

I decided to throw them out on the spot, along with my version of what Adam calls his “Brazilian Jeans”. He has a pair of jeans he wore before he met me that he bought in Brazil. Anytime he would do a major race or have the flu he’d try them on. I have a similar pair from Shanghai. I threw them out. No use clinging to the body I had 15 years ago. I didn’t want those pants staring at me every time I opened my beautiful new closet, reminding my of how my body has changed irrevocably. I only wanted clothes in there that made me happy and feel beautiful.

Later I found out when Adam was switching his closet he also threw out his Brazilian Jeans. Guess we are both tumbling down the same path together.

More culling and donating.

More culling and donating.

We decided to use Elfa shelving from the Container Store. I figure if this closet ever becomes a storage unit again, we can change it easily with their flexible layout.

I’m really enjoying seeing everything displayed in a roomy environment. I have so much space I have an entire spare drawer I don’t know what to do with!

This picture doesn’t include all the closet, I’m still missing my dress rack which didn’t fit into the picture. I love how it’s a straight shot, no chance of clothes getting stuck in an awkward corner for the next ten years!










Stay tuned for the big move tomorrow!!!

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