10 Year Anniversary


Marco Island, Florida 10 years ago with 200 of our closets friends and family.

Adam and I celebrated out 10 year anniversary last night.

I always knew we’d make it to 10 years. But I had no idea the journey would look like this!

Yes, there were a lot of surprises over the years, changing jobs, changing houses, changing rooms within houses, and the biggest surprise of having 4 boys, all of them only 5 years apart in age.

Even our date nights have changed. Ten years ago we might have booked a fancy dinner to mark the occasion, perhaps one of those chi-chi molecular gastronomy places. Maybe we’d try one of the supper clubs so exclusive you need tickets months in advance. Or even pick one of the growing michelin star restaurants sprouting up in Chicago.

Instead our 10 year anniversary date night started at the gym. In an effort to get back the bodies we had in the picture above, our new routine is to workout first then, eat something later.

Ten years and 4 kids wreaks havoc on a person’s body.

We chose RPM Steak for dinner. It’s one of the restaurants started by Bill and Giuliana Rancid in partnership with the younger generation of Melmans (of the Lettuce Entertain You restaurant group).

We even used a gift card that I instructed my mother to get us for a Christmas present for dinner. Because we are old and married like that. Thanks Mom!

Cheers to 10 years!

Cheers to 10 years!

As we sat in our booth overlooking the hip scene at this River North hot spot, I noticed the young girls in their low cut dresses and high heeled boots.

“Ten years ago I was one of those girls.” I thought to myself.

Last night I was wearing flat boots, a comfy sweater and pants. No cleavage, no shape wear. I didn’t even bother to blow dry my hair after the gym.

I realized how much 10 years changes a person.

And, as hard as it is to let go of being the eye candy in the room, getting older with a kind, thoughtful, charming husband is so much better.

The restaurant had some throw backs to old school steakhouses, stuff that those cleavage, high heeled girls have only seen in movies. Adam and I remember them fondly as kids. We ordered Adam’s father’s favorite dessert and enjoyed it unabashed.

Baked Alaska for dessert. Because we are old and married like that.

Baked Alaska for dessert. Because we are old and married like that.


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3 thoughts on “10 Year Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary, Nikki and Adam! It was great seeing your wedding picture – looks like a beautiful day! What a great milestone to celebrate. Wishing you many more to come!

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