This year my 43rd birthday fell on the first day of Hanukkah, making it a weird mix of everyone in the entire family getting a special day except Adam, who had to somehow manage to give that special day to all of us at once.

Birthakuh, Adam may you never have to experience it again.

The celebration started early, with a brand new iMac and new fancy camera.

Then, last night Adam took me out to RPM Italian for a lovely adults only dinner.IMG_2572

On the way home we dropped by Dunkin Donuts to set ourselves up for the morning of my actual birthday, also the first day of Hanukkah…

Bears bearing donuts

Bears bearing donuts

Yes, the bears are back.

I also received a gift card for three massages at my favorite place and lots of wonderful cards, some even came with money!

In the afternoon we let the boys open their first gift…

Everyone got their own Lite Brite.

Everyone got their own Lite Brite.

Later, around dusk (which is about 4:15 this time of year) we suited up and headed down to the Lincoln Park Zoo for Zoo Lights.


Everyone had the same idea as us and the place was, well it was… a zoo…

DSC_0610 DSC_0613

It was sheer luck that we didn’t lose anyone. Afterwards we stopped by the deli for latkes. They were crowded and the only seat they had for this large family was a 4 top booth and a 2 top table. I dined with Aaron like I only had one kid, and wondered why I ever complained about that scenario in the past?



My dinner date

My dinner date

And then it was back home for birthday cake, but it was served in the form or Hoosier Mama Pie.


Adam thought it would be hilarious to put a candle for each year I’ve been alive on the pie.


I almost singed my eyebrows off trying to blow them all out.

Finally we lit the menorah candles and played the dreidel game. Kids went to bed late, sticky and tired but happy. Aaron said it was the best Hanukkah ever!


I’m exhausted after our day of partying! But I still have one more task to complete before tomorrow. Where will the mischievious bears be in the morning?


Now I’m going to lay on the couch and rub my gelt filled belly until it feels better…

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