New Peanuts Exhibit

Today we renewed our membership with the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.

I was going to purchase a single entry. For the twins and I it would have been $23, but this month they are having a special, the one year family membership (normally $60) is now $45.

I heard there was a new exhibit from Peanuts. I thought it would be timely with the new movie out and all. It is actually titled “Peanuts…Naturally”, and is a cartoon/nature exhibit loosely based on the comic strip.


IMG_2550 IMG_2548

I thought it was very spacious with not a lot of non-screen activities but the closer I looked the more they had.

I almost passed by a plant and grow exhibit which had a bunch of greens that you could plant then fake water. Too simple! I thought. The twins loved it.


Okay, they probably aren’t playing with it the way the inventor intended but I’m just happy they didn’t break it pretending to plant and water themselves.

Also since it had been a while they enjoyed the other exhibits like they were new again, like Riverworks water exhibit…IMG_2541

Istock Family Look in Lab…IMG_2543

And many more which I didn’t manage to capture, but now that I’ve got the membership I’m sure I will!

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