Wasted Hours of My Life

Here is how I wasted six hours of my life over the past two days, never to be had again…IMG_2177

We have enough legos to fill 10 baskets to the brim! Before this they were in completely unorganized in random bins, mixed in with other small toys, taking up all the space on our counter tops.

Now they are separated by people, wheels, odd pieces, small flats, large flats, small bricks and large bricks. It still looks like a mess but the boys were very happy to find all their missing pieces today!

When Adam walked in on me painstakingly separating tiny flats from bricks, he said, “You realize one of the twins is going to dump these or Ben is going to pull the whole thing down in a fit of rage?”

Yes, I do Adam, but the other alternative still seemed worse…

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