Marvel Universe LIVE!

This afternoon, on a tip from my friend Nicole, we went to the Marvel Suerheros LIVE! show at the United Center.


It was a very entertaining and kid friendly show and I highly suggest it for kids ages 5 and up.

They used all sorts of tricks on top of the great costuming, like smoke, lasers, and lights. There were also motorcycle tricks, acrobatics, staged fighting, and clever sets.


We picked these balcony seats in the front row and the kids could see everything perfectly. As a bonus the twins could stand up and stick their noses to the glass without offending anyone.

A few tips if you are planning this adventure.

1. Don’t bring water bottles or food.
2. Cameras are allowed, but they ask that you keep the pictures for your own enjoyment.
3. There is an intermission about 45 minutes into the show.
4. Show runs about 2 hours.
5. There are a few concession stands open but not everything is open. Pretty much pizza, hot dogs, pretzels and nachos. Also popcorn, ice cream and cotton candy.
6. Parking is free, but it sucks leaving so plan extra time for that.
7. Perfectly acceptable to wear costumes to this event for both kids and adults.

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