Kane County Cougars

Adam’s firm organized a family outing at the Kane County Cougars field yesterday.

At first I was worried about getting 4 boys to sit patiently and watch baseball during what should be a nap time, but as it turns out they rented the terrace. There were seats in the front, but also a large area to run around in behind them.


Staring contest

DSC_0638We stayed as long as we could, then took the kids to the kids zone to burn off some energy. On our way, Ozzie the mascot made an appearance…

DSC_0645Amazing how the kids love the adults dressed in costume almost as much as they enjoy dressing in costume themselves.

The kids zone was a pay to play space with lots of bouncy houses and a playground.

DSC_0649DSC_0658DSC_0657There were inflatables of every kind. Besides the traditional bouncy house, there were obstacle course, baseball, soccer and basketball ones, slides and more!

After a couple of hours we were ready to head back to the city.

DSC_0659It was a nice outing for the whole family. If it wasn’t so far from our house I would consider doing it again.

Guess what we found waiting for us when we got home?


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