Block Party 2015

Another year, another great party!

It’s a fairly set formula, but it’s so fantastic that there is absolutely no need to change it.

Who doesn’t like to walk out of their house to a fresh cone of cotton candy (or two? or three?).


And when you are done, it’s crafting time! One of the neighbors organizes this great crafting table every year…


Burgers, hot dogs, brats, wine, kegs and a special food stand from Summer House were part of the afternoon as well…


They just kept bringing out stuff! I was full after the fried chicken, corn, guac and salsa but I ate the cookies and pizza that brought out later anyway!

We were so busy with all the other stuff we almost missed the magician!


The Great Scott delighted kids of all ages with his jokes and tricks.


Afterwards, he made balloons for all the kids.


Did I mention there was a bouncy house too?


And the ice cream truck? He pulled up and gave out treats to all the kids.


And we got to spend some time with friends. Mostly we ran after kids, though. Actually I think our kids enjoyed our friends more than we did…


When it got dark the glow in the dark toys came out and the kids had another round of fun…


I don’t think we can ever move.

You know it's a good party when public urination is involved!

(You know it’s a good party when public urination is involved!)

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