This year I’m really enjoying the snow. For the past two years, when the twins were younger, the snow was just a nuisance. It just meant extra bundling, more driving and less strolling, and a sloppy mess on my floor daily.

But the twins have reached an age this year where snow is fascinating. It’s an age that shows no signs of slowing for our oldest at seven. It’s the kind of the thing ALL the boys can do together and get just as much enjoyment as the next kid.

So this afternoon, after school I bundled the twins up, gathered the sand/snow toys, and picked up Jack and Ben at school.

IMG_8404We were the only ones ready to play in the school playground. I couldn’t believe no one else wanted to enjoy all that snow!

IMG_8424Luckily we were able to recruit one of Jack’s buddies to join us.

IMG_8419 They all spent a lot of time chipping the ice off this fence. Which unfortunately landed on Sam’s head.


Aaron mostly built a huge rock collection. Later I had to pick him up, kicking and screaming because he didn’t want to leave all his hard work.


But other than those two crying fits, it was awesome. Great winter afternoon that made me feel blessed we live in this crazy weathered town.

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