Blizzard of 2015

For my non Chicago friends, we got 19 inches of snow, the 5th largest blizzard in recorded history for Chicago, this past weekend.


There was so much snow they cancelled school on Monday. This kids spent more time on our deck than they did the entire year.DSC_0552

Adam went out to shovel in the morning and returned 45 minutes later. He got side tracked pushing 3 cars that were stuck in the snow out. And, in the world of karma, that afternoon I missed Ben’s therapy because I got stuck myself. Luckily two very nice men who didn’t even know each other both stopped to help me.

There is snow everywhere right now. Packing parked cars into their spots, piled on garbage cans in alleys, shoveled in humungous piles in parking lots everywhere.

Two days later we are still slipping and sliding all over the place and praying each time we pull into our alley that our car will roll along all the way to the garage without getting stuck in the snow.

And this afternoon, as I was driving the older boys home from school the skies opened up and snow starting falling on us. Again.DSC_0558

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