New Year’s Crepes

On a drizzly winter day, we welcomed the fact that the annual New Year’s crepes get together was scheduled today.

IMG_8163Our crepe chef, Olivier, was in the weeds for hours as the kids dominated the orders this year. Jack came back for FOUR crepes!


I love going to Pam’s house. She is a Montessori trained teacher and her house is set up in little stations that make it perfect for all ages.


And the toys are all still there even though the older boys mostly play games that don’t involve very many toys at all…


My poor mother was slaving away again in the kitchen. It’s a wonder she keeps volunteering to come up and help the way we put her to work while she is here!


Besides Pam’s great spread, her husband, Doug, always manages to spend time with my kids, making them feel as welcome as the adults.


Between Doug and Adam, I was free to over eat and drink, an induldgence I took full advantage of!

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