Too Cold for School

Aaron and Japo.

Aaron and Japo.

I was super sad when Mom left on Tuesday, having an extra set of hands was a LOT of help.

It was back to laundry and dishes every day, and suiting up the twins against the winter cold anytime I need to do anything.

Still, I was excited about the back to school schedule and all it’s perks, like a few hours of free time when the twins nap. Or all the possibilities it opens up to just drag 2, instead of 4 kids to places like the grocery store.

That excitement lasted one day. Wednesday and Thursday all the schools were closed due to the weather temperatures. Below freezing temperatures plus a big wind chill put the forecast in negative digits.

Adam wore a face mask to get to work.

Sam brushing Mom's hair.

Sam brushing Mom’s hair.

And we hunkered down. I mean, we still made it out each day, but it was usually for a small amount of time and something super simple with parking very close to the door.

One morning we spend hours in Target. See what I mean about super simple? Who knew Target could be called a ‘destination’?!

We spent hours in the toy department. I spent most of that time trying to explain to Sam and Aaron they were in a toy store, with multiple toys, with multiple of THE SAME toys so there was no need to fight over the SAME ONE.

The kids eventually bought holiday gifts with the gift card Mom gave them before she left.

Then we had lunch at the cafe. Pizza Hut pizza and Icees.

Deceptively sunny at the Target Cafe.

Deceptively sunny at the Target Cafe.

Yeah, it’s not great food and I’m sure a lot of moms are turning up their noses at me right now but it’s better than what I fed them the next day we were off school…

Thursday we were locked down again. The kids played really nicely in the morning together. That happens sometimes. Not as often as I’d like or envisioned it would happen before I had them, but when it does it makes it that much sweeter.

"Ha ha ha" races.

“Ha ha ha” races.

Some game with weapons where miraculously no one got hurt.

Some game with weapons where miraculously no one got hurt.

Jack led a bunch of games that I have no idea what they were, including the two above. I’d like to say I took more of an interest, but all I cared about was they were all getting along and there was no damage or hurt involved.

So after Ben’s therapy I rewarded them with more processed junk food.

McDonald's playroom.

McDonald’s playroom.

Friday they called school back in session, which is odd because it is even colder today than it was yesterday, but I’ve learned not to question these things, instead we hurried home to finish the homework that was due!

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