New Winter Ritual

We have started an elaborate new winter ritual that works wonders for everyone on the weekends.

Stick with me, it’s a bit involved…

First we drop the twins off at the playroom at our club. Then Adam takes Jack to play racquetball while I take Ben swimming.IMG_7700

Adam has been waiting seven years to play racquetball so this is quite a big deal for him. I’m pleased to see that Jack is finding it a big deal too.

Ben is basically swimming, but I worry if he doesn’t go every week he’ll lose it. In a few weeks he’ll be amazing and it’s beautiful to watch. I never thought flaying like a shot chicken while half sinking and swallowing water could be a beautiful thing but you just have to see what it looked like before that to appreciate the beauty.

The twin like the playroom and after about an hour Adam retrieves them and brings them to the pool where all six of us swim together. Even with the shortened time frame, the twins are still the first to get out so it works out well.IMG_7706

Afterwards Adam will take us to lunch or dinner at the restaurant, not having to cook this meal and see all the kids pig out AND get to pick their own meal for once is the best feeling for me! A nice glass of pinot noir helps too. And for desserts we have convinced them that health smoothies are the only treat they need. Another bonus.IMG_7712

That evening all the kids are already showered up from the club and everyone always goes to sleep quickly, which gives Adam and I more time, another brilliant side effect of the day.

I won’t say that I love the cold weather in Chicago, but it’s nice to live in a place where the seasons change, where life is delineated by weather, and the rituals that go with it.

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