Traveling Husbands

I’m not sure how SAHMs with husbands who travel do it.

Which is weird because most people look at me with my 4 kids and wonder how I do it.

And even though Adam works long hours, he is very helpful when he is here, which is at some point every day. Even just taking the last 30 minutes of childcare away from me at the end of the day is a huge relief.

You’d think after doing it for 14 or 15 hours, what’s another 30 minutes? But feeling like you are not shouldering all the childcare yourself is very comforting.

Today I actually had a traveling husband. And it wasn’t even during the week, when you have a schedule that keeps you moving along. It was on a Sunday.

The morning started kind of rough, the twins found a box of jellybeans (yes, my house is so disorganized that random boxes of jellybeans can be found in odd places). It was one of the Bertie Bott’s Jellybean hand outs from Jack’s party. It has every flavor, including things like dirt and boogers. Those ended up regurgitated, leaving a rainbow of stains on my basement rug.

IMG_5838Then one of my potty trained kids pooped in his pants. Then the other one peed on the top of the toilet seat instead in the bowl.

It was 10am.

But luckily the day got better from there and I even managed to make it out of the house and to the park.

Aaron has been displaying alarmingly similar traits to Ben at every stage, including his proclivity to eat sand. Not just one bite, but to get in there and just eat and eat and eat.

I just hope these similarities don’t turn into another kid with sensory issues.

Jack is developing well, though. Look how nicely he is starting to write…IMG_5832

Besides suffering from a mild nag in the back of my mind that hoped nothing went terribly wrong while Adam was away that would end me up in the emergency room with four boys by myself, it actually was a good day with the boys.

And as an added bonus, Adam showed up right before lights out and I even got those last 30 minutes to myself. Ah, relief.

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