Healthy Changes

Is it just my age and station in life or are we learning an incredible amount about health these days?

Sometimes I think I’m just obsessed with it because I now buy all the food for 6 people, so I have to be careful what I put in all these unsuspecting bodies.

When I think about how my eating habits alone have changed in the 10 years I have been living in Chicago, it’s shocking.

And lately it seems like I just can’t keep up with the new food studies and trends fast enough!

I’m well aware I’m more impressionable than the average person, which probably just exasperates the problem.

My sister sent me the The China Study and after reading it I went vegan. Then she sent me The Omnivores Dilemma and I started eating meat again, but only organic or grass fed stuff.

I no longer cook anything with just white flour. When I first started this food journey, I would cut it in half with whole wheat flour, but now I’ve branched out to spelt flour, almond meal, flax, bran and oatmeal.

And I keep trying to find new ways to cook healthier, to find new ways to make veggies interesting.

I try to keep up with the latest superfoods too, though we seem to be discovering new ones every day. Chia Seeds, acai, quinoa, kale, greek yogurt. All things that were unheard of 10 years ago are now staples of our daily diet.

Even the stuff we haven’t stopped eating has changed. I refuse to pop microwave popcorn anymore, instead I use the stove top. It’s just as quick and you don’t use artificial flavors or chemicals. Food Babe describes why microwave popcorn is so bad in detail. But just when I upgraded us with stove top popcorn, my friend and fellow blogger, Becca, explained to me that it’s not enough to cook it on the stove top, it’s one of those products that also needs to be organic.

I added it to my organic list, along with milk and eggs. My friend Jennie explained that milk and eggs are a must on the organic list a long time ago. I also thought I was on top of my game, buying the right things for our growing family, but today her husband Nathan posted on facebook it may not be! That buying organic milk is not enough, it needed to come from a certain kind of cow.

Last week I discovered coconut oil. Another superfood that was completely off my radar. Now I’m cooking my organic popcorn on the stove top with it. Wellness Mama will give you a whole list of uses for this miracle product. I even tried oil pulling and bulletproof coffee.

Not sure about the oil pulling, but the bulletproof coffee was a real winner. I think I’m hooked.

And if all this new food data isn’t making my head spin, lately I’ve been worried about the household products we use as well. Becca suggested I run everything through Skin Deep, a website that rates personal care products. I’m rethinking my moisturizers, face cleaner, and make-up for a start. It’s an intimidating project,  but once you open your eyes to something it’s tough to close them again.

Anyway, I’m just starting the research on this, so if you have any suggestions or useful tips I would be grateful. And if I find out anything life saving or even just interesting, I’ll pass it along to you as well.

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