Ice Skating

Lately I’ve been worried that Jack is getting to an age where he should be experiencing a lot more things. Skiing, Travel, Tennis, Golf.

However, all the younger kids keep us from traveling or going to a bunch of classes where Jack learns something but I have to juggle three other kids in an unsuitable environment.

So I was very pleased when Jack replied ‘yes’ for a classmate’s ice skating party.

IMG_5777Adam normally takes Jack to most things, but this time around I finagled my way into his position. I love to ice skate!!!

At first I was worried that, after all that effort, Jack would not skate. He almost refused to get his hand stamped.

But I forgot how athletically adept he is. While most first time skaters clung to the wall, Jack stepped out onto the ring without fear.

I could not believe his incredible balance, or his lack of apprehension of falling!

Within 30 minutes we were skating side by side, holding hands and staying on our feet.

It was so great I felt compelled to take him again, so we asked our sitter to come early the next date night. We’ll skate with the older boys first then have time to ourselves after.

For you Chicago readers, skating is not expensive or far away. The party was held at McFetridge Sports Center. Sautrday and Sundays from 4:30 – 6pm is open skate. Adults are $5, Kids $4 and ice skates are $3 for rental.

It’s a great afternoon activity, especially in the winter when you can’t get outside to run around.

Mom tip: Don’t forget to pack the gloves and ski pants if you plan on doing a lot of falling.

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