Family Bonds

IMG_5805When the twins were first born, in my mind I grouped the kids together in two sets of two – ‘older’ and ‘twins’. Jack and Ben did stuff together, so did the twins.

But as the twins get bigger, it’s becoming very clear that there are more than one kind of pairing going on.

Physically Aaron’s long, lean body resembles Jack’s at this age, while Sam’s stocky, solid frame looks more like Ben’s.

But as far as personality goes, they are switched again.

All the kids are capable of playing well together (not that they always do!), but more often than not Jack gravitates to Sam and Ben to Aaron.

The pairing of “older” vs “twins” is very real and still exists most of the time in the house.  Jack and Ben often go off to watch Netflix on the iPad or build legos together while Sam and Aaron wreck the basement or watch Sesame Street.

DSC_1023But I’m surprised how often Jack and Sam play while Aaron and Ben stick together.

Personality wise, Jack and Sam both play well together with each other and with others. They seem more social, more athletic, and curious.

DSC_0121Ben and Aaron, on the other hand, are more independent, like a rougher sort of play, and in general are more cuddly, ticklish and sensory.


When the twins were first born, Adam brought Jack and Ben to the hospital to meet them. Jack said he would take care of Sam, since Sam was the first born and Ben chose Aaron for the same reason. But I never realized just how true that statement would turn out to be!DSC_0145

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