Monster Truck Rally 2014

grave diggerThe Monster Jam always arrives in Chicago around Jack’s birthday and as a result, every year Adam takes Jack and a few of his friends to see it.

This year Adam upped the fun and added pit passes.

You can go ahead of time and see all the cars up close. They are taped off, but you can sit on the motorcycles that perform before the monster trucks.

After the boys checked out all the different monster trucks, Adam plowed them with all kinds of concession fun. Hot dogs, pizza, popcorn, cotton candy and snow cones. But not just any snow cones, snow cones in take home scary monster mugs. IMG_1944IMG_1961

The twins are too young to join. This means so far I’ve been spared breathing in toxic fumes in an enclosed space while getting my eardrums blasted by the engine noises. But I know it’s coming…

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