Happy Anniversary

Adam and I are celebrating our 8th anniversary today.

We are not the highest honored on this day in my family, though. That honor belongs to my sister, whose 20 year anniversary is also today.

You see, when Adam and I were planning our wedding, it went a little something like this…

(After my first experience of seeing a couple take a trolley to their wedding), Adam, “When people get married in Chicago they take trolleys, not limos. When we get married we’ll take one too.”

Nikki, “Uhm, I’m not sure who you are planning on marrying but I’m not getting married in Chicago.”

Adam, “Oh? Where are you getting married?”

Nikki, “I don’t know, but it’s going to be a destination wedding.”

After that little life changing conversation, we began our quest and ended up settling on the West Coast of Florida. It was close enough to my family for me to feel like it was home, but not too close so it wasn’t considered a destination. And the beaches were beautiful.

Next we tried to narrow down a date. Obviously, winter in Florida, but when? We didn’t want to disrupt anyone’s New Year, Christmas or Valentine’s traditions.

Finally we realized that Chinese New Year would be a perfect time, since all my friends from Asia could use the extra time off to travel there.

We looked up Chinese New Year to find the best Sunday (Jews don’t marry on Saturday) and my eyes almost popped out of skull when I saw that date was also my sister’s wedding anniversary.

My beloved sister, who advice on all things important means the world to me, would share this most important date with me. What could be more meaningful or symbolic?

Later my Dad quipped it would be easier to remember the dates for him as well.

And so, in front of 200 or so people from 22 different countries and 18 different states, we wed at sunset on the beach. My good friend Jessica, a professional cantor, sung us into heavenly matrimony.wedding

For our 8th anniversary we checked out some new places that we probably wouldn’t have made the effort for on a normal date night. We started at The Aviary, famous chef Grant Achatz‘s “4 star restaurant approach” to cocktails.


I had a whiskey that had been decanted with cigar smoke. It also had a hint of chocolate to it. Amazing. Adam got a beer!

Then we headed over to The Girl and The Goat, whose chef Stephanie Izard won the 4th season of Top Chef.

It was a lovely evening. I can’t believe how much we’ve accomplished in a short 8 years. Cheers to many more, Adam!

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