Finally! The twins are old enough to go sledding. This was a major day for them, not only was it their first time sledding, it was their first time playing in the snow.

On our way to the sledding hill.

On our way to the sledding hill.

Sometimes children this young do not enjoy new experiences. I remember the first time Jack touched sand he cried. So I was curious how they would react.

We had nothing to worry about with the twins! They loved every minute of it!

DSC_0695Sam hates wearing hats and gloves. Our fix to that was to put him in a snowsuit with sleeves you could fold over to enclose his hands. He ran up and down the sledding hill a bunch of times.

Aaron really enjoyed playing with the snow and getting dragged along on the sidewalk in the sled.

The older boys were old pros, Jack can walk up the hill and drag the sled on his own, and bring Ben down with him.DSC_0706

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