Drop Off Playdates

Jack is at the age where a drop off play date is more the norm than a visit from the entire family.

In this respect I’m lucky. Since we have so many kids in this house, a few more makes almost no difference. And sometimes having another kid or two around actually makes life easier – the kids are occupied with their friends and don’t have time to fight with each other!

Thursday we hosted Jack’s two buddies from school, Luke and Timmy. They are like the Three Musketeers. Any chance they get they run instead of walking, they slap each other on the butts, or make potty jokes.

I planned to take them to the Museum of Science and Industry, but in the morning my sitter cancelled. I was worried, I couldn’t take all 6 kids to a huge museum alone, plus I was planning on doing it during the twins nap time.

Luckily, Adam was able to work from home and cover the twins so I could take the older boys and friends out.

McDonalds and Phineas and Ferb for the ride to the Museum.

McDonalds and Phineas and Ferb for the ride to the Museum.

The weather forecast was for snow all day. There was already a couple of inches on the ground. Besides the sitter, the foul weather kept everyone else indoors too. Which was a bonus for us! The museum, for once, was not jam packed.


The boys enjoyed seeing the trains, the inside of a plane, the ideas factory and jolly ball…

They found a mini Hulk in the streets.

They found a mini Hulk in the streets of the train exhibit.

Ideas Factory

Ideas Factory

Jolly Ball

Jolly Ball

Afterwards I really wanted to take them sledding. In the end we decided the temperature was too cold for us to stay out for the long enough to justify the effort of putting on all our snow gear. Today the temperature is 2°. Which makes yesterday seem like a tropical paradise…

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