Sunday night we headed out to the Morton Arboretum to see their new display, Illumination. It’s an interactive lighted tree exhibit.DSC_0423

They have nine interactive light experiences placed along an illuminated, circular path. Some of the more fun ones included singing to black walnut trees and watching them change color, projecting your face onto 30-foot-tall evergreens, and being a ‘tree hugger’ – when you hug the tree, it lights up.

It was really well put together. I could see how much effort and thought went into every piece.

I thought the kids would also find it amazing. Dancing, changing lights delighting them at every turn. Hot chocolate stations and open fires. All these seemed like really exciting ideas for the kids to experience. You never know what will hit them.

Jack was cold, he thought something smelled like poop (I told him we were in nature, city boy!), and he didn’t like the warming stations because he didn’t like the smoke.

Warming station.

Warming station.

Ben sat in the stroller or on Adam’s shoulders for the entire walk, when he wasn’t crying about his foot hurting.

The twins made it about half way before they were crying to get out of the stroller. They are so young I’m not even sure they noticed the lights.

DSC_0417In fact, I think the only thing they all enjoyed was visiting the winter train exhibit afterwards, the Enchanted Railroad.


They were pretty excited for drive through McDonald’s as well…

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