Holiday Show

The more years Jack attends his elementary school, the more impressed I become.

Jack attends a fine arts magnet here in Chicago. When I was doing my Magnet Applications for Jack last year, my system was to find magnets with A ratings within a 5 mile radius of our house, then continue to spiral out until I reached the maximum number of 20. If I got too far out, I would start again at the 5 mile radius and add magnets with a B ratings.

I found his school that way. It is a small school that many parents have not heard about unless they are in the arts themselves. Still, even without all the hype, there were still 1000 people applying for 14 spots. Out of twenty, it was also the only school we won the lottery for.

Last year I was blown away with the Kindergarden Graduation. But that was nothing compared to this year’s holiday show!


Many, many incredible piano solos. And so much more! Clever and funny plays like this one where the kids were dressed as snowmen…


There were dances. Ballet dances, modern dances, and african dances…

DSC_0361And bands! This school has their own kid bands! Here they are performing smooth criminal…

DSC_0376 But of course, my favorite was the first grade dreidel song…

Jack is in the top row, all the way to the right.

Jack is in the top row, all the way to the right.

I never would have picked fine arts over something like math and science, but since it we luckily got the slot at this school, I’m starting to see what benefits performance arts can have on a kids confidence and creativity levels.

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