This Week’s Highlights

And I use the term highlights loosely. These events were either the zenith or the nadir of the week. I’m still not sure.

1. When Stan first arrived to our house Ben decided to strip down naked then jump in Stan’s lap and ask him to smell his hand. Which smelled like poop. The naked theme did not end there…

2. During the 18 month check up for the twins we were asked to strip them down in order to measure them. While Adam and I were both holding a naked baby in the hallway, Ben, who was suppose to be sitting in the examining room waiting for us decided to strip down naked, run into the hall, jump up and down giggling and ask to be measured as well.

3. Aaron developed an annoying habit of having a bowel movement right after dinner. Unfortunately after dinner is bath time.

4. When Ben announced one morning that he didn’t want a Mom, but preferred to have 2 Dads instead.

5. The realization that not one but both twins know Papa’s name and call for him all the time, and have for WEEKS, but they still don’t know my name.

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