Puke Fest

Adam with Ben around 2am.

Adam with Ben around 2am.

The last two days has been a complete puke fest in our house. I have been covered in throw up, snot, spit and poop.

It started a couple days ago when Ben came out of the bathroom exclaiming that his “poop came out wrong.”

To his credit he tried to clean it up, but he ended up just smearing it everywhere. Later that evening, he came upstairs and puked all over the kitchen floor. Luckily I had an empty, dirty bowl that I had just used to mix something that I moved under his mouth which caught the worst of it.

He was up all night long. Adam, bless his soul, is the parent who has the patience and stamina to stay up with the kids all night when they are sick. It’s one of the many great characteristics that Adam has, one that you will never know a partner possesses when choosing a spouse.

Soon after Ben, Aaron started upchucking. Sam held a fever for two days but never vomited. Then finally, after the long four day weekend, when Jack was suppose to go back to school, he woke up that morning and barfed all over the back room.

We spent the days in our jammies, playing on electronics, watching TV, or playing together with toys. Surprisingly, or maybe because they were all too sick to fight, everyone got along well.

Movies at 9:30 in the morning.

Movies at 9:30 in the morning.

Twins fell asleep in odd places at odd times, but there was nothing you could do. When they were tired they refused to lay down to go to sleep.


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