Tire Flipping

Adam came home a few weeks ago after working out with his friend Steve. They had been lifting together since high school and they still got together after all these years and did the same routine.

“How was your work out?” I asked.

“Great!” Adam answered. “We checked out the new performance center.”

“Yeah, what did you do there?” I asked. I saw the new center, it has a fake astroturf field and lots of apparatuses that looked confusing and intimidating.

IMG_5347“We flipped tires, then we put a weighted sleigh on and dragged it around.” Adam told me.

“Sounds like farm work. How much are you paying the gym to do farm work?” I joked.

The next few weeks Adam kept going back for more. “I think I’m addicted to tire flipping.” He told me.

Finally this morning, after taking the boys swimming in the club, we dropped them off at the day care for a quick work out. Tire flipping.

After all the hype, I had to try it for myself.

We flipped tires, we did the monkey bars, we tried the Versa ClimberBattling Ropes, we threw a medicine ball back and forth and finally we did sprints.

IMG_5349It was the first time in a long time that I didn’t feel like I was dragging myself to the gym and pushing myself through every second of my workout. Instead of the thoughts in my head saying, “just do this for 5 more minutes” I heard, “if only we had 5 more minutes.”

A set routine gets stale day after day. This was a sort of free flowing, explosive work out that had us out of breath and giggling. It felt sort of like what it was like to be a kid again, when you are running as fast as you can with your buddy chasing you. It wasn’t exercise, it was a game.

I left that morning feeling jittery and alert. The work out had not only worked my body, but it had activated my adrenaline too.

So now, I think I’m addicted to tire flipping.

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