More New Words for Sam

Sam’s vocabulary has started to expand. Alarmingly, this next three words made me pause and think perhaps my parenting skills could use some improvement.

1. “Geee DOOOWWWW”. Sam loves this word. He picked it up because every time he climbs up onto the high chairs then onto the high kitchen island, I yell emphatically, “Get DOWN!” Sometimes he’ll start saying it, then laugh and run over to the island and climb up on it. Then continue to yell it while he’s up there. So I think he probably thinks I am saying, “Time to climb on the ISLAND!”

2. “Noo”. Yes, after “shoes” and “get DOWN!”, his third word is “No”. He says it with a long “O” sound so it comes out more like “New” than “No”. He says it while shaking his head back and forth. I think he actually knows what that means, because he will stop doing what he is doing (sometimes) when I say it. He may even answer me with a “Noo” if he doesn’t like something.

3. “Ba”. That’s code for “Ball”. He says it every time he picks on up and throws it. I’d like to take credit for it, I remember my friend Michelle’s nanny, Flo, would sit there and repeat “Ball, Ball, Ball” while playing with the ball over and over again. But I think I said it once or twice and he got it, smart little bugger.

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