Anjelica’s Last Day

In the lead up to Anjelica’s last day, my first instinct was to leave the kids as much as possible and enjoy my last morsels of freedom.

Unfortunately my broken toe kept me from doing all the things I love – foot massage, pedicures, and running.

I guess it will make the transition easier if I don’t have to miss those things AND Anjelica at the same time.

imageStill it didn’t keep me from completely enjoying my last day with a helper. I had another appointment to check on my toe. Still broken, but getting better. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the waiting room with my Starbucks, reading magazines. The calmness of the waiting room was something everyone took for granted but me.

After the appointment I returned home for the dinner, bath, homework, bedtime rush.

When I was all over Anjelica and I realized we hadn’t taken a picture with her and all the kids. So we tried to get one for the records. In hindsight perhaps we should have taken one before everyone was so tired. But I think this picture is pretty fitting. Anjelica, lest you start your new job and start remembering us through rose colored glasses, here is the picture to help you remember how it actually was…


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