Green City Market BBQ

Last night I was invited to attend the Green City Market BBQ with my friend Hedy.

DSC_0660Lucky for me her husband was out of town and she had already bought the tickets. So she very kindly offered me his spot.

DSC_0661There were a ton of different drinks and foods to sample. Top restaurants like GT Oyster, Girl and the Goat, the Ritz Carlton, and Wood pitched tents next to wineries from Mendocino and locally distilled Gin.

Hedy had been here last year and very wisely gave me a tip – don’t feel bad about throwing things out after you’ve had a taste. It was hard, since I hate wasting, but it was the right thing to do if you want to taste as much as possible! I still filled up before I could try it all.

DSC_0663People also showed up with their own trays to carry samples on. Another good idea, you could put all your little samples on the tray, sit down and try them all together.

Besides the great food and drink, Hedy provided me with interesting conversation all night long. I call her ‘the evolver’ because I think she is evolving at a faster rate than the average person. She definitely thinks about things more than the average person. It always makes for meaningful conversation every time we meet up.

It was a lovely evening, and I’m very thankful Hedy chose me as her date.

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