Fresh Picks (July 3)


We received escarole, napa cabbage, yukina savoy, lacinato kale, garlic scapes, cilantro and snap peas on July 3rd.

The Garlic scapes were grilled for my fourth of july mixed grill plate. The cilantro was also used that meal, mixed into brown rice with fresh lime juice. Everyone loved it, even Jack who doesn’t normally like green things in his food.

The Napa Cabbage was stir fried with some left over mushrooms by Nenoy. She very kindly took all my left over veggies and put them to good use.

Yukina savoy, unfortunately, never made it to my plate. Between all these fourth of July and Ben’s birthday celebrations I didn’t have time to fit them in. I found them wilting in my refrigerator drawer this morning and sadly threw them out.

The escarole was used in a salad. It has a bitter taste to it that Adam likes when he eats lettuce.

I went back to kale chips again for the kale. I’m not sure if lacinato kale is different from the curly stuff or if I just wasn’t vigilant enough, but they ended up a bit burnt. I still ate most of them, but I will remember to keep a better watch on them next time.

Finally snap peas were eaten raw. The outsides were a bit tough but I broke them open and ate the beans inside.

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