Santa’s Villiage

Adam at Santa's Village with his cousins.

Adam at Santa’s Village with his cousins.

Recently Adam heard somewhere that Santa’s Village had reopened. He remembered the place fondly from when he was a kid.

He decided to plan a trip with the older boys.

Adam has been hyping this trip up so much to the kids that he was worried they would be disappointed. At night before bed he would play them the video from their website.

But how could anyone be disappointed with this line up? Jack and Adam actually sent me this list in an email so I could relive again with them exactly how they went about their day.

1 Truck ride
IMG_15452 Carousel
3 Race cars
4 Boat rides
IMG_15575 Birds
6 Balloon ride
7 Rocket ship
8 Fire engine 2x

This ride actually had real hoses on them. They drive you to a fire and the kids squirt the hoses to put the fire out.

IMG_15719 Antique cars 3x
10 Magic carpet ride
11 lunch
12 Ferris wheel
13 space ride
14 spin thing
15 ice cream and candy
IMG_158216 slide
17 reindeer ride
18 pony race

IMG_158719 exit through the gift shop and buy new toys. (purple unicorn stuffed animal for Ben and four monster trucks for Jack.)

And of course after a day like that, the only thing to do in the long car ride home is…

Yes, that is a face full of chocolate.

Yes, that is a face full of chocolate.

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