Fourth of July

Fourth of July found us sunny and warm for the first time in days. It was a welcome change, considering it is JULY and SUMMER and therefore we should be enjoying the only three month of glorious weather allotted to us Midwesterners. Not that snow and cold doesn’t have it’s moments, but you know what they say… you can take the girl out of Florida but you can’t take Florida out of the girl.

Adam agreed to have some friends over so I picked friends that matched our family well. Husband that Adam likes. Wife that I like. And a kid who is Jack’s age that he likes. It’s actually a lot harder than you think to find, a family where all the members invited are matched well with someone in our family.

Adam spent at ton of time cleaning up our deck so we could then go and mess it up.

We did our best to make it July Fourthy.

On the fourth, you gotta grill….


And make some sort of food that has red, white and blue in it…


I had the kids assemble desserts for the adults. Strawberries, blueberries, angel food cake, whipped cream. They then decided we needed more toppings so I broke out the chocolate chips and sprinkles too.

Then, we got a surprise dessert from the neighbor. I thought the free food would stop coming when Charlie closed his restaurant, but I was happily mistaken.


Rochelle Trotter assembled this masterpiece on her Fox new show this morning and we unabashedly accepted it.

Roya and Jack got along smashingly… DSC_0350

The twins had their first kiddie pool experience….DSC_0342

And the older boys found out what can happen when your father tells you to stop fighting and you ignore him…DSC_0373

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