Happy Birthday Adam!

Adam turned 44 yesterday.

We got him cards, Jack found one with three pirates mooning the reader that he thought was hilarious. Ben picked a Green lantern card that lit up. I got a card and put my gift inside. It was the gift of time, health, and chance. Okay, it was $100 so Adam could take some early morning speed training classes the next two months while the kids are off school. He already declined July since he’s so busy at work, we’ll see if August works out. I also put some lottery tickets in there. It was chance, a very small one.

Adam’s birthday passed in a daze of busyness, like most other days here. I am pleased to report that it was not as bad as Father’s Day. I’m not sure why.  Maybe it’s because Adam had to work for part of the day, he had a closing, so he didn’t have kids all day long. Maybe the kids were better behaved. Maybe it was the fact that Anjelica was here from 11am until 8pm helping us. Or maybe it was because we had more activities planned, less time for the kids to get into trouble. Whatever it was, it worked better. Not perfect, but better.

At Adam’s request we started the day at Starbucks. It’s our new breakfast spot. It’s fast, it’s close, and it’s cheap. Well, not that cheap because Adam let’s Jack and Ben order whatever they want. They split an egg sandwich, they split a bagel, they split a Naked juice, then Jack ordered a blueberry muffin, a yogurt parfait, and a berry coffee cake. Ben ordered three mini vanilla scones and an iced lemon bread. Yep, that is our normal order for just two small kids at Starbucks. And Adam and I still order for ourselves too. I mostly bring food for the twins. And feed them in the stroller. This time they refused and wanted to sit at the table like big boys. DSC_0196

Look behind the twins at the line we create after we order!

After this trip Adam said we are done with starbucks. The twins bolted in different directions and Adam and I couldn’t even take turns eating because we were BOTH chasing a twin. Luckily the older boys stayed seated while eating. Anchored only by using our cell phones to play games while simultaneously stuffing their faces.

Then we headed to the little park by our house. Adam went home for a work phone call. I watched all the kids… with a little help from Jack…


Sam was very cranky and started to fall asleep by 10:30. So the twins had an early nap. Anjelica showed up when they were asleep and Adam and I took the older boys to buy sandwiches at Potbelly’s for Ben’s end of the year school picnic. Here we are sitting with the Brooks…


Don’t see Ben? He’s asleep in the stroller in the back. Fell asleep on the way over and missed the whole picnic.

Adam took another work call while we were at the picnic.

Afterwards, we putzed around at home then headed to Adam’s Park for a concert they were having that night.


We played in the sandbox, the playground and the water park. Then ate some pizza we ordered directly to the park, and did it all over again when our friends the Brooks showed up.


Adam managed to squeeze in a quick visit to Red Mango for frozen yogurt before we headed back home.

I should also mention Adam got calls from many friends and family, amazing considering he’s not on facebook for people to be automatically reminded!

Happy birthday, Adam, hope it’s a great year for you!

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