Water in the Parks

There is always the first few weeks of summer where I find myself completely unprepared. I have no sand toys with me, I forgot the sunscreen, or the boys are wearing their sneakers when they should be in water shoes because the water in the parks is now on.

A lot of parks in Chicago have some sort of water spray on during the summer to help keep the kids cool. It’s a brilliant idea and really makes the parks more fun during the long, hot summer days.

I’m pleased to report I’ve finally got it together and am ready for summer.

This morning we put the three younger boys in swim clothes, slathered on the sunscreen, packed up the plastic buckets, snacks, water thermoses, and put on water shoes. We were heading over to Jonquil Park for Jack’s baseball game.

Adam helped coach while I watched the others in the park. It was Sam and Aaron’s first foray with a water element in the park.

How did the twins respond?DSC_0214

Sam was a bit surprised, but took to it shortly afterwards. He wasn’t running through the water yet, but happy to skirt around it.


To my astonishment, Aaron jumped right in no problem. Sometimes I find him more sensitive and timid, but not this time. In fact we even went back for more later!

Ben of course, was an old pro. Watch and learn baby brother!DSC_0216

That water was used to make a slip and slide.DSC_0230

Ben also occupied himself with the new chalk holders I found at the dollar store last night. Here he is sitting on an alien he drew. He said it was an alien from Ben 10, a new show, well new to us, that the older boys are addicted to.DSC_0233

Unlike a few weeks ago when I watched all 3 boys at this same park, this time I found it manageable. Not easy, but manageable. Made me wonder if maybe, just maybe, I’ll be okay this summer with all these kids running around.

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