Fresh Picks (Apr 10)


This week, spinach, watercress, butter lettuce, swiss chard, red pepper, black radishes, & sweet potato.

DSC_0541The watercress and butter lettuce paired nicely in a salad with pomegranate seeds, dried cranberries, goats cheese, and walnuts in a raspberry vinaigrette.

I cooked up the swiss chard in a little olive oil and garlic. It was a little bitter, but I liked it. Can’t say the same for Adam.

I peeled and diced the black radishes then roasted them with olive oil, salt and pepper. Again they were a bit too bitter for my liking so I added a touch of maple syrup and they were perfect.

The red pepper was added to loads of other veggies for a Chinese stir fry.

The sweet potato I diced and steamed for baby food. This particular one had black veins running through it, unlike the bright orange color I get at the supermarket. As a result they were not as well received as I’d hoped.

Finally the spinach, used in smoothies and a side salad.

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