Neighborhood Carts


Has anyone seen these new carts at your local L stop?

I was so pleased to see one pop up under our own L stop. It’s such a cool concept, I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

These carts are a project by Neighborhood Capital, whose objective is to “create jobs for the unemployed and under-employed, as well as promote wellness in all Chicago communities.”

Such a worthwhile mission! They create jobs for the unemployed. But not just any job. They have created a unique opportunity for people to become their own entrepreneurs. To actually feel a sense of pride and ownership in what they do.

But that’s not all! They also have many carts in underserved areas of Chicago, where access to fresh fruit is not great. They are bringing health to underserved neighborhoods at the same time as creating new jobs!

Not feeling warm and fuzzy yet? Here is a story on one of the vendors, Ted Tines, that will melt your heart.

Just like underwear in your laundry, fresh fruit is the “limiting factor” is my house. It is the thing that motivates me to get to the supermarket. Just this morning I thought with dread, “I’ve got to either load those two twins in the car and then into the stroller then quickly run through the store with a stroller in front of me and a cart behind me before they start crying just to get fruit, or try it with the older boys later this afternoon but the last time I did that Ben pushed the cart into a wall of glass olive oil….”

Now I can just pop over to the cart down the street! I kept thinking of my friend Beata, who works full time and has two kids. She can only shop once a week. The first question I asked her was, “What about fresh fruit?” Now she can pick up what she likes on the way home every night if she so pleases!

Have your husband pick up something on his way home! Grab some fresh fruit for your next stroller outing! I’m going to use this thing all the time!

And finally the price? I got 2 packages of strawberries and a cantaloupe for only $6! Much cheaper than the supermarket.

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